martedì 5 gennaio 2010

Gravitational balance

I think I could fall in this sky.
Gravity balances centrifugal spin*
and keep me down
but I feel like a little jump could be enough
to break this state of quiet
and to fling me over the clouds
over the edge of the sky, the orbit of the planets.
Flying in the outer space
acceleration, growing near lightspeed
would relent my personal time
making days long as years
making moments last forever.
I could turn into a little comet
an odd celestial body
which flies by chance without a definite orbit
(of course by chance).
It could be enough a little jump,
maybe a shove
to overturn my world
and break this gravitational balance.
I'm hoping you won't shove me
I'm hoping you will.

*(or centripetal force or what the hell is!)

Gravitational balance

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